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Train your brain.  Change your Life...

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Neurofeedback training - also known as EEG biofeedback or neurotherapy - is a safe, non-invasive, and drug-free method that helps to reduce or eliminate the underlying causes of many chronic conditions and psychophysiological difficulties including:




Chronic Pain




Learning Disorders 

PTSD and Trauma related dysregulation

Complex PTSD

Sleep Disorders 

Post-Concussion issues 

Neurofeedback has also been shown to be a powerful tool to enhance peak-performance across a wide variety of endeavours including: Sports, Academics, Meditation, Arts, and Business.


Systems & Technology

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'Full Cap' 20 site Clinical EEG Assessment

Taking about 90 minutes - from history taking to EEG recording - and including a written report (ready for your next session).  The assessment gives us a good map of your brain activity which allows for a well informed course of neurofeedback training.

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Single to multiple channel training at any site or montage of sites.  This is the most well researched form of neurofeedback.  With the ability to train any frequency and/or frequency combinations - allowing for training unique to you, your needs, and your brain.

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sLORETA ISF Neurofeedback

Welcome to the bleeding edge of neurofeedback!  Now we can visualize and directly train BOTH the cortical AND sub-cortical regions of the brain in real time - Including the Amygdala, Insula, and other key network hubs of the DMN, SN, and CEN - at a frequency range that most systems can't touch.  This form of training excels in working with the more difficult to resolve issues (such as cPTSD, CSS, Chronic Pain, and more...).  And, it is producing some of the most stunning research results (RCTs with placebo groups) of any form of neurofeedback to date.

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Full spectrum integrative training of both hemispheres - using 16 to 20 non-linear dynamical time-frequency targets.  This form of neurofeedback engages your brain like no other.  It is both a gentle AND powerful form of training.




HRV is now recognized as one of the most essential biomarkers for stress and recovery.  Using biofeedback and wearable technology you can increase yours - enhancing your emotional resilience, access to positive emotions, and focus.  Improved HRV = peak performance AND peak recovery.

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Using specialized light, sound, and electronic pulses calibrated to your unique needs, goals, and brain.  This can be used both during neurofeedback and in between sessions to enhance and facilitate your gains.

This powerful approach to personal transformation trains the brain to regulate its patterns of electrical activity (or 'brain waves') and thus enables the brain and central nervous system to return to natural healthy rhythms from various states of imbalance and dysfunction.


As the brain becomes “unstuck” from the dysfunctional patterns and imbalances which correspond to the difficulties and dysfunction a person is experiencing in their life, the brain and central nervous system are also trained to regulate and synchronize themselves in order to attain optimal functioning.


When the brain learns to operate with this new efficiency, flexibility, and resilience, individuals experience many improvements in their lives. Apart from other more symptom-specific results, Neurofeedback training generally effects a: renormalization of sleeping patterns and greatly improved sleep; increased mental clarity, focus, and concentration abilities; a reduction in impulsivity and erratic mood fluctuations; decreased mental chatter and rumination; improved memory; reduced anxiety; and, an increased overall experience of well-being.

As the center of operations for the body, the brain is a truly remarkable organ. Having approximately 100 trillion synapses, and capable of performing well over a million calculations per second, the brain has the capacity to continuously learn, adapt and enhance its performance when provided with feedback about what to modify or adjust. 


It is now well proven that the brain is able to structurally reorganize itself - even to the point of producing new neural circuitry in response to specific training - this is referred to as “brain plasticity”.


In Neurofeedback training, the moment to moment events of a client’s brain activity are measured with an electroencephalograph or EEG. The signal processing apparatus (EEG) relays this information to a highly sophisticated computer program which analyzes the data and relays very specific information about the brain’s electrical activity back to the client in the form of audio and visual feedback. Hence the term: Neurofeedback. This highly sophisticated feedback process allows the brain access to information and guidance about it’s own functioning in real time.


The brain orients itself to this very precise, real-time, feedback about its performance and utilizes this information and guidance to decrease its unstable, inefficient, and otherwise dysfunctional patterns. The brain simultaneously uses this information to increase its functional efficiency, flexibility, resilience – enhancing it's innate processes of self regulation and healthy complexity. Because the brain is in a continual process of self-organization, this new learning is processed in a variety of ways throughout the training period and beyond. What this means is that after one’s training is completed the brain tends towards a continuing improvement of its performance for some time.


The EEG equipment is connected to the individual with sensors that are placed on the scalp and ears with the use of a conductive gel. The sensors are safe and painless - they do not prick the skin. It is important to understand that the sensors are “passive instruments”. What this means it that they only record and transmit the electrical activity of the brain - they DO NOT introduce any electric current to the client. After the connection to the scalp and ears are made, the client's brainwave activity can be observed on a computer monitor and trained accordingly.


The elegance of Neurofeedback training lies in the fact that it does not require the client to consciously work at changing their brain function. In contrast to many other therapies, Neurofeedback engages the client's brain and extended central nervous system directly and thus can bypass cognitive schemas and other habitual patterns that can thwart or stall other therapeutic approaches. One way to understand this is to view Neurofeedback as working from “the inside out” as opposed to other forms of therapy which work from “the outside in”. This makes Neurofeedack training so easy that virtually anyone can do it - including very young children.


The brain's response to the information it receives in Neurofeedback is so fast and complex that the conscious mind tends to ‘catch up’ later upon realizing that it is “unstuck” and operating with greater ease and a new freedom. During the training itself, most clients report experiencing some combination of relaxation, a general state of well being, a relaxed awareness, and increased focus.

Feel free to email or call with any questions you might have.

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