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While many therapeutic modalities are used in a collaborative and integrative way at West Coast Counselling & Neurofeedback, EMDR deserves its own page for a variety of reasons - not the least of which is its somewhat unfortunate name. 


EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  This not only sounds rather daunting, but it also gives people very little idea of what the words attached to this acronym mean.

What is important to know about EMDR is that it is perhaps the most effective and well researched Trauma therapy in the world to date (including physical, sexual, emotional, and spiritual trauma).  Not only does EMDR effect rapid and lasting healing from trauma, it is also highly effective for enhancing peak performance, and treating Anxiety, Phobias, Panic Attacks, Addictions, Eating Disorders, stuck points that perpetuate Depression, Grief and Loss ... and more. 


EMDR gets to - and deals with - the root causes of problems quickly and effectively.


EMDR is unique amongst therapeutic approaches for a variety of reasons - one of which is that it uses various forms of bilateral stimulation (including visual, tactile, and auditory bilateral stimulation) to activate an innate mechanism of rapid associative and adaptive processing.  This processing - when organized and facilitated by a trained and experienced therapist - allows for past, present and future stuck points, trauma, negative core beliefs, disturbances, and 'triggers' to be "desensitized" and "reprocessed" in an adaptive and healthy way - releasing you from these constraints and freeing you to reclaim your life.

EMDR begins with assessing your situation and your goals .. and ends up taking you into a future of healing, deep insights, and transformed possibilities. 

It is commonplace for clients who have undergone EMDR therapy to look back on the issue/s they were processing through and be blown away by the fact that: the memories and ALL associated features have NO MORE negative emotional charge, are no longer accompanied by negative beliefs about themselves, and no longer trigger them into automatic self-defeating behaviours/emotions/thoughts.  This is because the 'pyschophysiological stuckness' of the experience has been "desensitized" and "reprocessed". 


Clients who have completed EMDR therapy for a specific issue/s almost universally experience profound positive changes rippling out through the rest of their lives - including their work, self-esteem, relationships, and more.  A common statement during and after EMDR therapy is .. "wow"..

David Bowes MC, RCC is an EMDRIA certified EMDR therapist.  This designation means that along with completing the basic EMDR training, David has gone on to complete advanced EMDR trainings, received many hours of expert supervision and consultation in EMDR therapy, and is committed to ongoing education, training, and consultation in the application of EMDR therapy.  It is an honor to be among the 4000+ therapists in the world who have been certified by the EMDR International Association.


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